Electric Wiring Accessories

SILVERGATE ENGINEERING PVT LTD. Manufacture high quality Brass Electrical Component. Our total production around 50 % of Our Components are made for Electrical Industries. We process customized as well as standards parts of low to high complexity with a diameter range from 5 mm to 20 mm in medium and high volumes.

Our products category for electrical application includes plug pin, socket pin, Neutral Link & Earth bar for control panels Brass Terminal connector for wiring connections , Energy meter parts , sealing screws for closures, box terminals, Stamping Parts.

All parts are made as per Custom Drawings and specifications.


  • Materials: Brass & Brass Alloys, Copper & Copper Alloys of Various Grades as per custom specification.
  • Mfg. processes: Forging, Machining, Stamping
  • Finish: Natural Finish , Nickel, Silver, Tin
  • Processing Range: Diameter of 5mm to 200mm
  • Production Flexibility: Small and High Volumes
  • Additional Services: Soldering, Brazing, Riveting, Assembly and Sub Assembly
  • Application: Energy Meters, Control Panels, Distribution Boards, MCB Switches, Electrical Switches, Plug & Sockets, Fan & Lighting, Air Conditioner, Electrical Appliances

Commonly machined components at our facility:

  • Brass Anchors
  • Brass Switchgear Components
  • Brass Terminal Connector
  • Brass Knurling Inserts
  • Brass Fasteners
  • Sheet metal Parts
  • Brass Neutral bars
  • Brass Pins
  • Electrical Wiring Accessories